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Please download and distribute a copy of the 2017 June 28 U.S. GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH PROGRAM CLIMATE SCIENCE SPECIAL REPORT (CSSR)


Earth Operations Central began serving the internet in December of 1995. We believe that we have spent enough of our own money for long enough, and that there is far too little interest in this site and its contents to warrant any further expenditure of time or effort.

We began operations "when the InterNet was young". Now almost all information here is available elsewhere, often in a form or format which is much better developed.

Much of our content which was once both useful and timely is now mostly of interest to a very few historians.

As of 2013 May 27, this site is now preserved as an archive.

As of 2017 September 26, we are adding a repository directory, /docs and within that, in no particular order nor pretense to completeness, you may find interesting documents. For now we will try to stick to environmental issues and interests.

You may wish to read about "carbono negro", Spanish for "soot", and how this very fine carbon dust is sticking to the glaciers of the Andes mountains, and causing them to melt more quickly than expected. El Carbono Negro y la Extinción de Los Glaciares, published by the Ministry of the Environment, Peru. Remember, glacial melt rate is highly related to Global Warming.